Beacon Park Golf Course Misrepresented As A Golf Course!

We recently showed the glossy

produced by Serco Business also known as Serco Leisure Operating Ltd that runs the West Lancashire Borough Council leisure facilities, currently including the Beacon Park Golf Course. It was the occasion of the Annual report to the council. 

But as is well known the Beacon Park Golf Course is a landfill site, has been for seven years, with Serco Leisure Operating Ltd under a formal and legal obligation to restore the course. Sadly, now almost two years on, that hasn’t happened. So here is a picture that is factual.

No writeup needed, just look at the picture that an honest company would, and should, have shown. Serco admit to “commencing a re-profiling of the previous works in April 2019”. The legal notice was issued in 2018. They are in breach of it. WLBC does nothing about it. Believe it or not the reprofiling included a 9Hole junior course and a Footgolf course. We will believe them when we see them! Our future pictures will show the state of affairs that WLBC tolerates from Serco. 

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