BBC Bosses Pay Extravaganza

The Taxpayers Alliance has exposed the pay of BBC executives at the expense of public pensioner licences.

The BBC made public the sky-high salaries paid to corporation execs and ‘stars’ this week. Presenters such as Zoe Ball, Graham Norton, and Fiona Bruce all received bumper pay rises despite the Beeb stripping millions of over-75s of their free TV licences.

But BBC bosses are also cashing in. Our BBC Rich List revealed that mega-salaries for senior executives cost licence fee payers a total of £37.5 million in 2019-20. The median salary of a BBC employee is 83 per cent higher compared to the rest of the country.

The Beeb must put an end to golden pay packets for loaded luvvies which are paid for by pensioners and hard-pressed taxpayers.

Brits are fed up of forking out for the licence fee under pain of imprisonment. It’s high time we axed the TV tax, introduced a subscription service and stopped taxpayers’ money going to these media millionaires.

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