Has Rosie Cooper MP Secured Network Rail Funding For Crabtree Lane Drainage Investigation Work?

The long-suffering flooded residents of Crabtree Lane in Burscough

will believe any promise from Network Rail to fund and carry out drainage investigation work on its rail line at Crabtree Lane when they see the colour of their money.

But, apparently, Rosie Cooper has secured Network Rail’s commitment “to fund and carry out drainage investigation work on its rail line at Crabtree Lane where many residents have suffered flooding historically, most recently last month”.
Following the August storms many residents suffered flooding at their properties on Crabtree Lane and contacted Rosie Cooper among others including Adrian Owens for support in getting action from the responsible agencies.

Responding to Rosie and despite not finding any drainage related issues during their initial inspections, and in the light of representations from Rosie and the recent incidents of further flooding, Network Rail has indicated that they will fund an investigation into better understanding how water flows through their land, which could also help unearth unknown culverts and pipes, and they will include partners to try and identify what is causing the problem.
Rosie said “I am very grateful to Network Rail for taking this step to help residents and agencies understand and resolve the flooding problems at Crabtree Lane. Network Rail has taken on board my comments and constituents’ distress and responded with this commitment to investigating how water runs under the rail line.

“This is a great example of partnership working and will provide the funding to better understand how water flows through the area, including Network Rail land and could help unearth unknown culverts and pipes. Network Rail told me they will now be working with Lancashire County Council drainage officers on the study. I look forward to receiving their findings and hearing about the action they will be taking to improve drainage in the area.

“A partnership between Network Rail, Lancashire County Council the local lead flood authority in this area with the support of the Environment Agency, especially if these agencies pool resources on flood management schemes, will mean that everybody benefits, most importantly residents who pay the bills and suffer the awful experience of their properties being flooded.

“I hope this work will move quickly and identify the problem which will be a major step on the way to resolving the flooding issues in this area”.

Sounds like a miracle is on the way! Questions for Rosie. Is that funding in writing? Is the promised investigation in writing? Is the promised partnership in writing? Because residents of Crabtree Lane deserve better than to be the subject of politicking that will undoubtedly occur between the Tory county and the Labour MP. If it is proved to be so, will full compensation follow for the residents? Do United Utilities and WLBC have liabilities?

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