Serco Leisure Annual Report To WLBC

The Serco Leisure glossy annual report is available prior to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Could have been written and produced by Arthur Daley, used car salesman and spiv.

It includes this page below which claims “Since April 2019 works were going well, the wet weather in September 2019 caused the works to pause and were about to start in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Consequently the works didn’t restart until August 2020”. The report doesn’t mention the 9Hole course!

It’s about “Beacon Park” and “Beacon”. No mention of it being a golf course, but that’s reasonable considering it is an unrestored  landfill site. Below is an advert copied and adapted from a golf magazine.

It might be an experience, but enjoyable is taking the piss? It might be better simply to see the evidence       


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