From The Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Dear Gavin and Tess

“Thank you very much for getting in touch with the EFRA Committee; I am writing as the Committee’s staff lead on this inquiry to acknowledge your correspondence.

“The inquiry is ongoing and there will be future oral evidence sessions which will be available to view online. Issues similar to those you raise have also been discussed in several of the written evidence submissions we have received and published on the Committee website, and all will be borne in mind as the Committee continues to consider matters related to flooding.

“Thanks for your engagement with the inquiry and do let me know if I can be of any assistance, or there is any other information you think would be useful to the Committee.

“Best wishes, Jonathan”

Jonathan Finlay

That’s two people representing Burscough in its fight for flooding justice. Meanwhile, we read that “Around 600 people work for the West Lancashire Council, making us one of the borough’s biggest employers. The Council delivers a wide range of services for people living and working in West Lancashire including housing, planning, refuse and recycling collections, leisure, environmental health and economic development”. But nobody from the 600 apparently connects to their LCC counterparts to alleviate flooding of homes. We produce a copy of a letter from that spells out the impossibility of any return to normality for flooded residents of Burscough   The white flag is flying on flooding while the cash bag for council tax is overflowing from developments such as Yew Tree Farm that now causes much more flooding! It’s the new norm! Get used to it!


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