Update On Landfill Dumping For Private Profit On The Publicly Owned Beacon Park Golf Course

We remind readers that WLBC former Director of Leisure and Cultural Services John Nelson stated in writing

“Contractors started on site in November 2013. Phase 3 of the development (formation of a 9 hole short course) has commenced with mounding and ridges being formed with inert infill and soil It is expected that the infill and profiling work will be completed by Sept 2015”.
Now, approaching seven years after the start and five years after “completion”, we bring you inarguable photographic evidence provided today of the 9 Hole Course decadence and decay that confirms golf will never be played on it. Its legacy will be shocking sights. Below we show how some time ago there was hope of golf being played on it, a tee marking.

Hope faded dramatically. We wrote “Serco Beacon Park 9 Hole golf course shambles laid bare”. Aardvark EM Ltd has been employed to submit a “Supporting statement to the S73A application for the variation of Condition 1 of Planning App. Ref.2016/0040/FUL (Superseding Permission 2011/9787/FUL). To vary the location, site and cross section plans submitted with the original application to regularise the as built land levels, landscaping and development layout of the nine hole short course”. 

“West Lancashire Borough Council as the Local Planning authority (LPA) has recently re-assessed the development that has taken place at Beacon Park Golf Centre following the completion of importation of material to the site to complete part of the works approved under planning permission 2016/0040/FUL (which supersedes permission 2011/0787/FUL). As a result, the LPA considers that several breaches of planning controls exist on the site including the placement of approx. 16,000 additional cubic metres of material on the 9 Hole golf course resulting in land levels which exceed those shown on the approved plans listed under Condition 1 of planning permission 2016/0040/FUL (Plans 1115.11 & 1115.15).


WLBC wrote “Thank you for your email of 26th July 2017. In response, I can confirm that a survey of the site has confirmed that the mounds and ridges of the 9 hole short hole course does not exceed 168m AOD. Weather permitting, the plan is still to open in spring/summer 2018, but as it involves the grass growing and being appropriately treated and conditioned this could change. The Council will endeavour to keep everyone informed of any changes, should there be any”. Yours sincerely, John Harrison DipEnvP, MRTPI”.


We asked “Isn’t there just one reliable professional expert on golf course creation who can be hired by WLBC to bring an acceptable opinion on this waste of space undertaken solely to line the pockets of developers? Every golf course is unique, having its own planning issues, but WLBC allowed height of landfill to dictate the construction of what no elected member of WLBC will comment on. Enforcement is underway at the foot golf heap, although no progress is being made there, with time running out before prosecution commences. Will the 9Hole heap repeat that disaster?

Whereas WLBC stated “A number of improvements have been identified as being required” we thought it rather a case of “We allowed developers to make a balls of the design of this heap of rubbish”.

What we have exposed today, bracken, shrubs, hip high wild grass, growing amongst bricks and small rocks, should shame those elected members and officers of West Lancashire Borough Council who have allowed this ripoff for landfill royalties, this scant regard for the once beautiful area enjoyed by visitors, now surely to be fenced off for ever? Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, and West Lancashire Borough Council Leisure and Planning Services should hang their heads in shame for what you see there.

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