Hare And Hounds Pub Welcomes Hounds, Outside!

Has the world has gone barking mad?

The Hare and Hounds pub on Ormskirk Road in Skelmersdale received a review on its Facebook page that didn’t recommend the pub as the visitor was left “massively disappointed” with his visit. The review claimed that when he asked bar staff if he could bring his dog, who he sees “as one of his daughters”, inside he was “bluntly” told no’. He said “Being a pub that has Hound in the name you would think this would be obviously welcomed, however to our surprise this was not the case”.

The pub manager, Rob, gave what is described as an “absolutely golden” and “brilliant” reply. He wrote “Dear Mr Fendlaarr. We are awfully sorry about yours and your dog’s experience at the pub the other day.

“Bizarrely, the member of staff who refused your dog entry was the same person who politely told you that you could sit out the front with your dog and brought you a bowl of water for the dog. So it’s highly unlikely that she was rude or short with you the second time around.

“It also begs the question as to why you tried to bring your dog in when several days before you were told that we have a no dog policy, excluding guide dogs of course. I know you treat your Rottweiler as a member of your family, I am a dog lover myself so I totally get it”.

Rob joked that they had asked other pubs with animals in their names what their policy was around allowing dogs in. In the hilarious response, they said “Here are the results.
“1. The Dog and Gun said they allow dogs but not guns.
2. The Eagle and Child said yes to both as long as the eagle has talons on.
“3. The Duck said he doesn’t allow Ducks due to Covid but that a customer was spitting feathers the other day so he gave him a nice pint to quench his thirst.
“4. The Horse and Jockey in Melling said yes to jockeys but no to horses.
“5. I asked the Elephant in Woolton ‘can I bring my pet elephant in’ and they said ‘not on your Nelly!’
“6. The White Lion said the only person they will allow to come in with a lion is Joe Exotic but he’s serving a [jail sentence] so it’s unlikely we will see him in Upholland anytime soon.”

The post continued “We also rang the Cock Well Inn and asked them their policy and they refused to comment. One thing they did say was that if you want a stiff drink then this is the place”.

Rob said the reviewer is welcome back, though asks that his dog be left outside to “avoid being told for a third time we have a no dog policy and then taking to social media to criticise the naming of our pub”.

Fans of the pub were quick to show support for the Hare and Hounds, with one person saying “Absolutely brilliant comeback. Well said”. Another said “This response is absolutely golden. I applaud the brilliant mind behind it”.  And a third added “What an absolutely perfect response to a complaint from a customer! Backing up your staff with conviction and then taking it to another level with your reply. Brilliant!”

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