Who Is At Fault For Local Flooding?

The other day, in respect of local flooding, we wrote

“Dear Rosie, you are up against a brick wall of official complacency, official ignorance, officials who couldn’t care less, official dereliction of duty, commercial interests, shareholders’ come first and the public taxpayers last. You can’t win. Simple! The floods will appear year after year in Aughton, Burscough, Halsall, and all over West Lancashire and you won’t find anyone, elected or paid, who gives a damn! You’ve met them, they’ve ignored you, and they always will. If you think LCC and UU are remotely interested, just ask the Burscough Flooding Group for a view of the passing the buck/blame game!”.

  Of course, we should have mentioned Hurlston Brook. Flooding there has been “Significant” to quote Jacobs who are paid with council tax we pay to LCC to study these events “The area has suffered from flooding on numerous occasions over the last 20 years, with the most significant flood events occurring in 2012 and 2015”.

“Hurlston Brook is designated a Main River and acts as a ‘trunk drain’ into which large networks of surface water and land drains discharge. This includes several Ordinary Watercourses, which are culverted beneath the town. The river has an extensive floodplain and has the potential to flood large numbers of residential properties. In addition, the culverted watercourses represent a potential risk of flooding as a result of blockage or limited capacity, resulting in surcharging”.

“A methodology known as the ‘property footprint’ approach was adopted to count properties where the building footprint intersects with the modelled flood extents. The average depth of flooding to the property was extracted for a range of modelled flood events for both the Do Nothing and Do Minimum scenarios”...known far and wide as the “buck-passing scenario”.

And of course we had the Crabtree Lane Burscough event leading to the disgusting flooding of one particular private property among many there.

Having been publicised on the Burscough Flooding Group Facebook, this response, below, was received.

“This resonated with me so much, I live in Ormskirk and we flooded in 2015, and we were out of our home for 6 months, the area where I live has flooded twice since, but luckily we were home and were able to deploy flood barriers etc, I can well understand your anger and frustration especially with the local authority whose only action seems to be to blame United Utilities and the Environment Agency, who in turn then blame the council. I expect when WLBC have built their new Ormskirk Leisure Centre on fields and parkland which is used when Hurlston Brook runs high to take the excess water, things will get much worse here. I wish you good luck my friend and hope these agencies get a conscience and some backbone and admit there is a problem”.

It has to be said, re-read our first paragraph. And then read what Jacobs concluded for Hurlston Brook “It is recommended that a wider, co-ordinated approach to managing the catchment be developed with emphasis on partnering with the other key stakeholder bodies, most notably United Utilities and developers known by LCC to be seeking opportunities in Ormskirk. The scope of this should extend to examining refurbishment and regeneration of the existing drainage network and consideration of future development needs. The outcomes of this study can be used to understand the key risk areas and flooding mechanisms so that appropriate decisions on planning and future development can reduce the number of properties at risk”.

And we simply ask again, where is there any conscience and backbone among the jobsworths who sit in high places watching and buck passing while homes and schools are ruined? 

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