A Criminal Atrocity, Or Just Greed?

As we wrote “The once beautiful WLBC owned course is a disgrace”. The so-called “9 hole course”, below, is an over-run ruin

It is a stated fact that on 21st August 2015, John Nelson Head of Leisure and Cultural Services, West Lancashire Borough Council, wrote to me “I also have a responsibility as the land falls under the leisure provision for the Council. Although the facilities are leased to West Lancashire Community Leisure the land and buildings belong to the Borough Council”.

This fenced in ruin belongs to the Borough Council and will have to remain fenced in to deny any health and safety issues causing claims against the council.

Nelson wrote “Footgolf is one of the proposals for the Beacon, the course operator [Serco] was looking at incorporating this into the redevelopment work for the driving range and not the 18 hole or 9 hole course.  WLBC is not a shareholder, the operation of the course and the facilities provided are for the course operator to determine”.

The pictures above show what the course operator Serco Leisure Operating Ltd determined should be provided as a 9 hole addition. It was truthfully simply a field near the main golf course that was convenient to dump royalty yielding landfill on. Golf will never be played on it, the dangerous landfill is now hidden under a natural wilderness, and the royalties have been hidden in undisclosed company bank accounts. And West Lancashire Borough Council maintains its silence. 

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