A Criminal Atrocity?

Or just plain old landfill royalty greed perpetrated at the Beacon Park Golf Course?

The once beautiful WLBC owned course is a disgrace. Any elected member of the WLBC who represents a Skelmersdale ward should be ashamed of it. As for Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, what we will show in a series of pictures is a measure of the leisure management the company displays and WLBC condones.

First is the practice putting green, grass a foot high, totally neglected.

and then the sign

that shows no work is being undertaken. The strange thing is, while landfill went on no matter what the weather to such excess that a legal notice was served on Serco, now there it total inactivity. That’s because the royalty payments have been dispersed to those who were in the deal. Pictures show caged fencing as far as the eye can see and mounds of landfill . We confirm all the pictures published today, and those that will follow, were taken on 3rd September 2020, that is 9 years after planning permission was granted for the “development” of the course.  



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