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Sad News For West Lancashire As More Coronavirus Deaths Are Reported

We are sorry to report the Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust hospitals today recorded the biggest rise in deaths from coronavirus in Lancashire with four deaths. One patient died on September 25, two on September 26 and one on September 28. The West Lancashire total case infections rose by 20 to 1,121, that’s now 980.7 infections per 100,000 of the population.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Lancashire has jumped by 413 in the last 24 hours, the highest number for 3 months, new official figures show. Sadly there were 10 deaths.

Half-Baked Annual Report From Serco Leisure

West Lancashire Leisure Annual Report. To consider a Presentation from the Board Chairman (WLCL) and Contracts Manager (SERCO).

Note the word “Annual” ie “Occurring once every year”. So why isn’t there a full annual report for the Beacon Park Golf Course? Why is it so selective? It is half-baked and selective to avoid awkward questions about huge illegal landfill and hidden royalties. 

“All sites closed on 20th March 2020 as per the government announcement on that day”. But the government closure didn’t include essential maintenance works.

We asked “What concerns did Serco Leisure Operating Ltd have before closing the Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC)?” Their Head of Leisure has written “We closed our West Lancashire leisure facilities on 20th March including BPGC. Naturally during this time with no revenue we are playing close attention to our cost base to minimise our losses. I can confirm that we intend to re-commence at Beacon Park from Monday 20th April albeit on a reduced basis, so as not to encourage social gathering or unauthorised usage of the course”.

Beacon Park Golf Course re-opened on Thursday 14th May 2020. Serco received a letter from Senior Golfers  “I am [we are] writing to you on behalf of ALL the members of Beacon Park Golf Club. It is with great sadness and some confusion that you have ceased daily maintenance of the course at BPGC.

“There has been a directive from English Golf to say that it is OK for greenkeepers to continue to work providing they keep to ‘Social Distancing’ regulations. Some courses DID ‘Lay Off’ green keeping staff for a short period but since the directive from English Golf (which has received Government approval) all courses in the area have allowed them to return.

“SERCO’s current directive NOT to allow greenkeepers to carry out daily and essential maintenance at BPGC is unique. It will also prove damaging to the course in the long term. Local greenkeepers are relishing an opportunity to carry out pre-season work without the interruption of Golfers. Gathurst, Sherdley Park, Dean Wood, Houghwood, Kirkby, Allerton, Golf Clubs are all allowing greenkeepers to work and are taking advantage of the situation. This “March”  is a picture of one green keeper working at Sherdley Park. [On his own, nobody to infect or be infected].

“If your current policy of non-maintenance were to continue for any lengthy period of time it would be impossible to play golf at BPGC when the ‘Lock Down’ is finished. Surely this is not good economics!! [Unlike the landfill royalties/VAT “economics” still shrouded in mystery as to their whereabouts!]

“The membership asks would you please reverse your current policy for Beacon Park and allow the green keepers to continue working. I can assure you that as soon the Corona Virus has finished there will be many people rushing to return. If Beacon is not fit to play then many members will leave and go and play elsewhere.

“Many Thanks, Mal Hayman (Club Captain) above right, Mike Stokes (Seniors Captain), Tommy Jackson (Club President), above left , inspecting the creative golf course construction left by Serco/Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd”.

WLBC stated “In answer to your specific queries a) what maintenance work is being undertaken at the BPGC. The course is closed and as per the governments advice all non essential work has ceased, this includes all maintenance work at the Beacon, other than statutory compliance works. b) are the green keepers working normally? The health, safety and welfare of the community, our staff and customers is our main concern – therefore in line with government advice the greenkeepers are not working. c ) are the greens, fairways and roughs being cut and professionally maintained. As stated previously all non-essential work has ceased.

And there you have it. WLBC declared in writing that the Beacon Park Golf Course greens, fairways and roughs that should be maintained are all non-essential work. You might draw the conclusion that the desecration of Beacon Park that started with massive and ultimately illegal landfill, all bungled under the banner of greed and ” un-monitored planning permission” will be completed within the next few months.  But not so. 

“We commenced a re-profiling of the previous works at Beacon in April 2019 and the works had been going well, the wet weather in September 2019 caused the works to pause and were about to restart in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Consequently the works didn’t restart until August 2020.

22 May “MEMBERS RELIEF AS GOLF RESTARTS AT HAIGH   Not Mid-June as Serco claimed! “As most of you will be aware the course will reopen tomorrow at 0800, but with restrictions. There will be no more turn up and play for the foreseeable future. Golf can only be booked by using howdidio for club members and the the BRS booking system when all the tee times have been filled on howdidido. The BRS booking opens five days before for members & season ticket holders and three days before for visitors. Phone bookings will not be taken whilst the restrictions are in place”.

Coronavirus Infections Surge Again In West Lancashire And The County

The West Lancashire Ormskirk & Southport NHS Trust hospitals reported an increase of 25 new coronavirus infections today, and the total reached 1,101, that’s 963.2 infections per 100,000 of the population.

Sadly a coronavirus patient died at Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust on Sunday (September 28).

There were 390 new coronavirus infections reported in the county today.

No Merit In Photoshoots With Flood Victims?

The WLBC great and the good take photoshoot opportunities galore of big spending developments as you will see below. They don’t expose themselves to the nasty sewage invading homes in Crabtree Lane Burscough, or elsewhere in West Lancashire. It’s first class official bullshittery down to a fine art! They give the public the brushoff!

On 30 July 2020, in response to a message from WLBC, Gavin Rattray Secretary of the Burscough Flooding Group wrote an Open Letter

To the WLBC Chief Operating Officer

“Dear Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey and Ian Moran

“Thank you for your email. Only WLBC as our Local Planning Authority, has a specific duty to prevent development driven surface and groundwater water flooding onsite and downstream in Burscough from increasing indefinitely.

“As 2019/1182/ARM and 2020/0293/CON are a fait accompli, can you at least reassure residents now expecting increased flooding, that WLBC will discard its hard hats and rigger boots long enough to undertake the investigations requested into the serious issues raised in May 2020?

“Yours faithfully. Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group

Two months later, on 28 September 2020 “Dear Mr Rattray

“Thank you for your most recent e-mail. While I understand your real concerns the applications you mention have been carefully considered.

“The Council is searching to find a potential solution to the problems due to flooding experienced by some of the properties on Crabtree Lane, and other issues that have arisen in Burscough. As a consequence the Council pulled together a meeting with the LLFA and United Utilities to discuss this further and see how solutions could be progressed.

“This meeting was held on 14 September and the LLFA advised that they are actively investigating the issues associated with the flooding suffered on Crabtree Lane and considering possible solutions. Further discussions need to be held with Network Rail and the NFU to progress matters.

“I am determined that this Council will continue to assist and push for progress. I hope the above comments are of assistance to you.

“Kind regards Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey”. Chief Operating Officer
West Lancashire Borough Council

And today, 29 September 2020 from Gavin Rattray An Open Letter to WLBC Chief Operating Officer and Council Leader Ian Moran

“Dear Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey

“Thank you for your email about WLBC’s recent and next flooding meeting.

“Burscough Flooding Group (BFG) are happy to share our knowledge of the causes of the increased rate of surface water flooding at Crabtree Lane. Unfortunately, that was not possible because WLBC withdrew its previous invitation to meet. We would be delighted to attend your next flooding meeting with partners if they are not held in secret as usual. Can you please let us know if you wish us to attend and assist the solution with local knowledge?

“As you know, up to now our flood risk management authorities have held meetings where you do not want to meet or hear from flood victims or residents with local knowledge of the problem. Obviously this approach attracts the conclusion that they aren’t serious meetings intended to solve a problem, and the evidence on the ground supports that conclusion. We would be delighted to help you change that situation, so can you please let us know if you wish us to attend and assist the solution with local knowledge?

“To that end, can I remind you of the investigation I originally requested in May into the unusual way the drainage conditions for planning applications are decided by WLBC, which yourself and Council Leader Ian Moran both brushed off in June and July and now again in September.

“Given your determination that your Council will continue to assist and push for progress, now seems to me like the appropriate time to investigate whether all of the available information was meaningfully considered and whether there have been many breaches of planning, or the drainage conditions were decided incorrectly for the many development sites, including 2019/1182/ARM, which are responsible for the increase in the widespread surface water flooding problems in Burscough. Can you please let me know whether you are going to investigate the matter as I requested in June 2020 and when we can expect a response with the results of your investigations?”

“Best regards, Gavin Rattray” Secretary, Burscough Flooding Group FLAG (Not holding his breath!)

What Are Those Mounds Of Earth?

What, these? 

In a remarkable exchange of questions and answers at the recent Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Julian Finch

Labour Digmoor (Vice-Chair at the previous meeting) who was elected in May 2019, spoke about “seeing mounds of earth” at the Beacon Park Golf Course. Well, you can hardly miss them?

But the whole matter was astonishing as, having listened to the Leisure Report being given by the Chairman of West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd and the Serco Area Manager, Cllr Finch asked about “Something Mark said about re-profiling land, what does that mean, I don’t understand”.

To which Mr Snaylam replied “In 2012 we inherited a contract for landfill imported, it’s taking some time to move some from one area to another for the original planning permission final phase, more spaced out”.

But Serco took a year from 2011 to assess the viability of the Beacon Park Golf Course and agreed to the 2012 contract them-selves. It’s all in WLBC minutes. As John Nelson stated, the work didn’t start until 2013 and has been entirely the responsibility of Serco to date. Any breaches of planning permissions have been by Serco. It was Serco served on 16th May 2018 by the then WLBC Solicitor Terry Broderick with a “Breach of Condition Notice Reference E/2015/0223/BCN” against Serco Leisure Operating Limited that required compliance with stated conditions for the land at Beacon Park Golf Centre”.

Time for compliance, six months beginning on the day on which this notice is served on you. Dated 6th May 2018. So why did Serco admit to starting compliance in April 2019 and why did, and does, WLBC allow the Serco criminal offence to go on without punishment? Somebody knows but nobody is telling!

The published report by Serco made available to the Committee stated “We commenced a re-profiling of the previous works at Beacon in April 2019 and the works had been going well, the wet weather in September 2019 caused the works to pause and were about to restart in March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Consequently the works didn’t restart until August 2020”.

2013 start, now 2021 end forecast. Would you buy a used car off these people?

History Of Beacon Park Golf Course From Google Earth

Today we reveal the undisputed history of the publicly owned Beacon Park Golf Course areas that became landfilled royalty earners for the developers, Serco and Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd, as recorded from Google Earth.  The pictures range from 2005, when Serco Leisure Operating Ltd became leisure providers for WLBC, to 2018, with the ruined driving range/footgolf dream, and the field that is mooted to become a 9Hole junior course, originally to be open in 2015, now in 2021 and waiting!  

Public Health Message NHS COVID-19 App

This is a public health message from NHS Test and Trace

As part of the government’s coordinated response to Coronavirus, NHS Test and Trace has developed the new NHS COVID-19 app. It is now available for download to all residents of England and Wales. We strongly recommend that everyone over the age of 16 downloads and uses it.

Download the ‘NHS COVID-19’ app from the App Store or Google Play. There is more information at

The app will help you to understand and manage your personal risk and reduce the spread of Coronavirus. The more people who use it, the more effective it will be.

The app requires operating system 13.5 or above if you have an Apple iPhone. It requires Android 6.0 or above if you have an Android phone. If your smartphone is not compatible, you can still access full support from the NHS Test and Trace service.

NHS Test and Trace

All individuals over the age of 16 who are registered with a GP in England and have provided an email address to the NHS are receiving this email. Some people will receive a text message instead, if an email address has not been provided.

West Lancashire Records Coronavirus Major Surge In Infections

In a major development, sadly there has been one death, and the biggest daily rise in Lancashire, registered in West Lancashire for the first time since the start of the pandemic, with 30 new cases. West Lancashire has now recorded 1,059 infections, that’s 926.5 cases  per 100,000 of the population.

Lancashire recorded a further 228 positive coronavirus tests in the last 24 hours as a government expert warned new lockdown measures are not solving the problem. Sadly four other deaths have been recorded.