What Clancy Consulting Found Under Mart Lane

In 2007 Clancy Consulting

prepared a report for the development of Burscough Football Club. Lanes For Drains

inspected on behalf of Clancy, Using remotely-controlled camera systems and software, images are relayed to a mobile van unit, where a technician assesses the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer system.

Stored images of the Mart Lane sewers were published and enclosed in the Clancy report. They show a disturbing state of the sewers. Comments on 12 pictures shown below include “Sewer Deformed 1; Sewer Broken 4; Infiltration Running at Joint 2; Multiple Fractures 4; Hole in Sewer 1.

And that is what all of the older, Victorian, sewers in West Lancashire would look like if similar surveys were undertaken. Planners took no notice of evidence produced, in this case, for development in Burscough. And they would take no notice if more sewage surveys were undertaken in Ormskirk, Aughton, Halsall, Old Skelmersdale, and others. Is it any wonder people form local flooding groups to show the rotten state of what hides under West Lancashire? 

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