Protection Of Roman Fort In Burscough

Rosie Cooper reports on having secured commitment from both Historic England and West Lancashire Borough Council for the protection of the Roman Fort in Burscough. Following concerns raised with her she wrote to both agencies and the Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to report the discovery of a site in Burscough.
The site is now registered as a Scheduled Monument and has been recognised by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as of ‘national importance’.
Residents were concerned by the potential for irreversible damage at the site and potential harm that may be caused from use of the land as a campsite. This scheduling does not automatically rule out all development but does ensure that no damage takes place to nationally important archaeology, or that if damage can be justified by the public benefits of the proposal it is kept to a minimum and it is properly records by professional archaeologists.

Rosie said “This is fantastic news for Burscough and West Lancashire that the site of a Roman Fort has been found and is now registered for special protection as a site of national importance.

“Future archaeological digs could find out lots of valuable and historic information about the origins of the fort and the wider area. The excitement around this could lead to a tourism boost for Burscough and West Lancashire so I am pleased that the council, Historic England and the Department all recognise the site and will work to ensure its long term protection.

“Historic England tell me that Roman sites being very rare here, and this site is of significant importance as this multi-phase fort fills a gap in understanding of the military occupation of north-west England”.

It’s to be hoped the site doesn’t fall under the curse of “Burscough-under-Water” through neglect of drainage systems in the area by some of the old fossils who seem to represent Burscough on the various “responsible” county and borough?


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