It’s rumoured that residents of Burscough are considering making an application to the Burscough Town Council to change the name of the town to Burscough-in-the-Water to suit the seemingly permanent flooded conditions many people have to live in.

Residents refer to recent and regular appalling floods that ruined homes on the A59 [being like a river], Crabtree Lane, Gowers Gardens, homes backing onto Yew Tree Farm, Mill Lane, Junction Lane and Square Lane, and much of the rest of Burscough.

And now a picture, below, credited to Mark Lund

has emerged on the “The Real Burscough Community Forum” as “Burscough FC the new pond”.

The Planning Application 2018/0837/FUL for 52 houses included a statement “to establish the principles of a future drainage scheme in line with the drainage hierarchy and to ease concerns of local residents”.

Pictures “flooded in” as residents heard about the pond.

As the Burscough Residents Flooding Group has stated “There is a separate albeit connected flooding problem in the town, due to the lack of network capacity in the foul and combined sewers caused by building on inadequate United Utility sewers. It has existed for over 10 years and was first identified by UU’s own engineers, but has now got so bad that there are surcharges almost everywhere in heavy rainfall and all the effluent/rainwater cannot get to the Waste Water Treatment Works”.

 Burscough-in-the-Water team have applied to use the pool.  The strongest rumour we have heard is that Serco Leisure, contracted to WLBC for all the borough swimming facilities, wants to keep the new pond as an outdoor swimming experience if they can have it for an annual £1 lease, which is what they pay for the Beacon Park Golf Course. Watch this space!


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