The Brutal BBC

Under the Human Rights Act Article 8: Right to Privacy, “Everyone has the right to respect for his/her private and family life, his/her home and his/her correspondence. You have the right to live your life privately without government interference”. Over 75s are included!

But the brutal BBC and its outsourced enforcers don’t agree. Now, we have the long, long list of issues with the TV Licensing approach. As described by an excellent blog
“It’s a sordid tale of TVs and money, of politicians who don’t care and BBC management’s arrogance and detachment from reality.

“Communication with the public that is abusive, misleading and disrespectful. A Doorstepping operation that is of questionable legality and dubious effectiveness in the apprehension of committed Licence Fee evaders. An interview methodology that fails to meet basic standards of evidence and process. An unduly close relationship with the Courts. A Search Warrant mechanism that is cloaked in secrecy and appears to be an abuse of process in its entirety. Filtering of cases that is not in the public interest and promotes discrimination. Too many opportunities for fraud by rogue employees in an environment with a woefully poor level of supervision, “mixed messages” and confused objectives. A prosecution process in which all of the authorities are aware of the flaws in the processes, but proceed anyway, failing to meet the basic requirements of justice”.

The BBC has no qualms about dragging over75s into court. The government has lied and misled over75s with its TV licence policy. 

But reality has set in. Read the entire brilliant guide below.

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