Death By Liquefaction?

During a visit to the Crabtree Lane Burscough Railway Culvert a couple of weeks ago, a resident indicated the presence of a danger of liquefaction because of the flooded area overlying sand and then being subject to vibration by heavy trains.

He said “This last week there was a build up of water on one side of the track. The track is elevated on the Southport side of the crossing, with flood water on one side only. This is over sand and unless the area is drained effectively, then I believe that someone should at least carry out a “risk assessment”, but in any case, it does contribute to the good reasons for ensuring the culverts are sufficient in capacity to cope with the future loads they are expected to manage”.

Look at the video below,

of a bloke demonstrating how sandy ground can be turned to a liquid state. If this doesn’t stir life into the moribund WLBC, LCC, and Network Rail, then heaven help the passengers on a train when it collapses as it did in Aberdeenshire where it took deaths to get them to inspect the lines!

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