Saturday Satire

How often do we read any meaningful news from WLBC? Well, today is our lucky day. Never mind about homes ruined by floods. Because WLBC is “Pleased to update the Council’s Public Space Protection Order following the resident consultation we ran last year asking whether dogs should be kept on a lead or excluded from certain areas including sports grounds and children’s play areas.

“The new places were suggested by residents and we received lots of comments and feedback to support each of the decisions that now form part of the new order. Dogs must now be kept on a lead at Ormskirk Rugby Club, Tarleton Rugby Club and Tarleton Cricket Club.

“The enclosed children’s play area at Station Road, Hesketh Bank and the enclosed sports area at Evermoor Hub, Skelmersdale, will be areas where dogs will now not be permitted to keep these areas safe for children”.

It seems that dog law has priority over flood law. Councillor Gareth Dowling, portfolio holder for dog controls said “We are really pleased to receive and act on all the comments and feedback residents took the time to tell us about. We know dog owners want to exercise their pets in a responsible manner and will support the decisions made to keep these sports grounds and play areas safe for their local communities. Residents concerned about any other areas can still submit reports to the council which will be taken on board in any future reviews”.

There is no news as yet about any upcoming WLBC resident consultations about whether public authorities and public utilities should exclude developments in certain areas that regularly cause foul floods in homes. We despair at the news mentioned above that rugby and cricket clubs receive more council attention and protection than flooded  residents of Crabtree Lane Burscough, Shore Road Hesketh Bank, and Church Road Tarleton.

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