Burscough Bites Back

The regular flooding of Burscough and the equally regular dismissal of it by jobsworths and politicians

has given people the urge to spell out why it happens and just what it means. 

Lancashire County Council received £45,099,305 from the West Lancashire tax base of 34,827 homes in 2018/19, which does not, apparently, allow any spending on alleviating flooding in West Lancashire.

A resident wrote “UU and the WLBC’s greed caused the problem and UU have the money resources to solve it. UU won’t, because it would reduce their profit, so instead they try to hide the problem, hence their previous widespread publicity about wet wipes causing floods and the refusal of UU, LCC and WLBC to accept photographic evidence of flooding collected by Burscough Flooding Group. We have experienced outright aggressive attacks from the authorities and UU in public meetings and have had threats of legal action made against us by UU.

“This happens because we are telling the truth, whereas UU, LCC, the Environment Agency and WLBC are trying to hide the true extent of the flooding problems across all systems by openly attacking us and supporting anyone who seeks to discredit us. Through them having seen what you implied about BFG in your post, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a visit from a Councillor bearing false promises”.

A second resident wrote WLBC have always been spineless when it comes to a fight for what’s right. They have settled quite comfortably behind the idea that it’s public money they are being careful with, the truth is they are not very well equipped in the brains department. Easy riders who get jobs with the council feel they won’t ever have to exert themselves or rely on their profession and all they will have to do is pick up pay at the end of the month until early pensions come along. The councillors are as gutless though. Saying one thing doing another. All of the local councillors know of these problems yet they rarely vote against the developments, they abstain, they waste the vote they were given by the people rather than be seen to challenge.

“You have the out of town councillors happily voting through Burscough development as it keeps it away from their ward and then you have the very councillors who are supposed to have our best interests at heart abstaining rather than be seen to be stifling the flow of cash new development brings in. They won’t stop until Burscough has problems that cannot be rectified, but they by then will probably have taken early retirement, smiling contently and the notion that they have served the public. Not so, time to stand up and be counted, if you have voted for development or abstained then you need to tell the people of Burscough why, we know why out of town councillors vote this way it’s because of NIMBYism. But our very own representatives should explain themselves”.

And a third resident wrote “The authorities are short changing the Burscough residents and to raise one aspect, especially about United Utilities. Have you checked the increase in water rates over the 18 months? £50 to 60 quid is absolutely ridiculous and one needs to ask why are United Utilities a former government run company now a privatised firm.

“There isn’t any bloody competition from any other water company because there ain’t any, it’s just blatant greed. As for the flooding and lack of infrastructure, the bottom line is, flooding is affecting people’s lives and it’s not on, so do something about it authorities”.

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