Do You Remember When Political Lips Moved And Lies Were Told?

Of course you do, it happens every day, as with the Conservative And Labour pledges for “Free Over-75 TV Licence Fees Ahead Of Election”.

It’s November 2019 and lies are being told. Labour’s Tom Watson and Conservative PM Boris Johnson vow to keep BBC licence fee free for 75s+. The promise comes ahead of UK’s first December General Election in almost a century and the BBC announced plans to axe free licence fee for some pensioners due to funding issues, funding of talent, that is!

“The UK’s two largest political parties have vowed to save free TV licences for all over-75s ahead of the upcoming UK general election.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition deputy leader Tom Watson both pledged to reverse a controversial cut from the BBC if they win the election, which will take place on 13 December. Watson, blaming the ruling Conservative Party for the change in licence fees, said “The Tory decision to scrap free TV licences for over-75s is utterly callous. Four in 10 older people say the TV is their main source of company, but from next year 3.7 million older people will lose their free TV licence. It’s disgraceful. Our message is clear – vote Labour to save free TV licences”.

“Boris Johnson pledged to thrash out a new funding formula with BBC bosses to pay for the £745-million-a-year fees. He said “This needs sorting out urgently and I’ll be talking to the BBC about how to sort that out”.

The BBC caused a political storm when it began to charge some UK residents aged over 75 for their licence fees, which had been free for all people in that category from November 2000. The licence fees had previously been paid for out of a grant from the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions, but during a 2015 funding settlement, the BBC agreed to take over the cost.

Well, it’s happened, and the instructions, the orders, on “Setting up your next TV Licence” 11 pages of rubbish, have arrived in West Lancashire!

MPs also criticised the government, saying it was wrong to “bounce” the BBC into accepting the agreement. However, Conservative MP and committee chair Damian Collins accused the BBC of giving “false reassurances” over funding a benefit it “could not afford”.

The BBC argued that continuing to fund the licence fee for all over-75s would lead to a significant reduction in its service, with BBC Two, BBC Four, the BBC News Channel, the BBC Scotland channel, Radio 5live, and a number of local radio stations all potentially put at risk. So what, we would think, we over 75s only eat and drink within our means, and we do mean that literally. 

But surely the most heinous part of this disgraceful BBC attack is on blind people. They, we are informed, will receive a concession of 50% just to listen to BBC TV! 

We over 75s might feel some comfort to read that “Gary Lineker calls for the BBC licence fee to be made voluntary as he brands it the broadcaster’s “fundamental problem”. It doesn’t even register with Lineker that his £1.7million annual salary simply for talking about football is symptomatic of the profligacy of the BBC. 

You can pay for the Licence at a BBC PayPoint store, which happens to be the Bargain Booze store at 40 Moor Street, Ormskirk, although you may have been driven to buying booze instead after the political lies and hypocrisy that have brought us to this!

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