The Burscough Floods Saga Continues

Some old footage our intrepid Crabtree Lane Burscough resident thought was lost, he being used to being flooded, was recorded on 24th February. “This video shows how much water the pump moves, it is not a toy”.

And just for the record, he says “For information, last night 11.30 pm all pumps required again. This evening Monday 17 August 2020 7.00pm, automated electric pumps needed but large diesel pump not used. 3” of muddy water further up the Lane, other residents concerned but not having any success with having the problem dealt with”.

“My neighbours were out concerned about the amount of water on the road which is filling their driveways with thick black muddy water. I went up the road myself and saw that in some places the water was 3” deep for the full width of the road.

“It is not just myself that is affected here. The flooding can be addressed, there just isn’t the will to resolve the problem. We also need the co-operation of everyone, and that does not seem to be the case at the moment”.

Not a problem for the jobsworths, obviously?

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