Recurring Flooding Down Crabtree Lane, Burscough- Please Help.

A request for help from another resident of Crabtree Lane, Burscough

“Dear Rosie Cooper

“I am writing with great concern to highlight the increase in regularity of preventable flooding that is occurring down Crabtree Lane in Burscough where I live.

“I enclose photos taken on Monday night approximately 7pm. They show myself and the road which was completely submerged in muddy water after only a moderate downpour. The water often enters the house in various degrees and the level of stress that it is causing myself, my wife and three young children is intolerable.

“I have lived here over 20 years now; the flooding is getting worse with almost every instance and the lack of sleep and anxiety this causes of a night time when there is a heavy downpour is absolutely unbearable.

“Please can you encourage some action to be taken?

“My neighbour’s extensive research points to a bottleneck in the passage of water under the train track (which bisects my road)- Some culverts or drains need inspecting, assessing, clearing and generally overhauling in ways the professionals may deem necessary.

“I am led to believe that Network Rail are the responsible parties to take action here,(so far they have been quite unhelpful) but I would request that all agencies that can help, please do so in order to prevent these catastrophic floods.

“This is not a one-off occurrence, neither are the effects of this regular flooding affecting my household alone; It is causing my neighbours the same trauma, and with some vulnerable elderly, disabled residents just two doors away, who rely on regular care visits. Their life could be put at serious risk”.

After reading that and seeing the evidence, we will happily publish any response from any of the four WLBC and one LCC elected members whose commitment is, believe it or not, to represent Burscough. We have 54 elected members in West Lancashire, and how and why none of them show any interest in these serial localised floods is beyond comprehension, other than they are utterly useless. 

And while we are on the subject of floods in Burscough it seems  that, just in case you think Crabtree Lane floods a lot and the rest of Burscough gets away scot free, the Burscough Residents Flooding Group “had reports of flooding on the A59 being like a river on the 11th August, foul sewer flooding in Gowers Gardens, homes backing onto Yew Tree Farm with submerged gardens, extensive flooding in Mill Lane, cellar flooding on Junction Lane and Burscough Marina shown in the photograph

formed on Square Lane. We firmly believe that United Utility drains here are hydraulically inadequate, like much of the rest of Burscough and that it is only a matter of cost cutting that prevents United Utilities to admitting to that obvious fact”. 

For the record United Utilities Group PLC (UU.LN) said pre-tax profit for fiscal 2019 rose and that the company is well-placed for the remainder of the current regulatory period and beyond. Stripping out exceptional and other one-off items, underlying operating profit–the company’s preferred metric–was £684.8 million, compared with £645.1 million in 2018. Underlying operating profit consensus was £683.2 million.

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