Crabtree Lane Burscough Residents Need Our Help Now

How many LCC and WLBC Councillors and Officers have homes today with flooded interiors that look like this?

Crabtree Lane Burscough floods for two reasons, caused by inadequate anti-flooding legislation. 

1) Network Rail have neglected the maintenance of their culverts under the railway embankments, causing all but one of them in the Crabtree Lane area to block and as a result local farmland floods onto the road and into homes.

2) WLBC approved a massive development site in Burscough in 2012 and the additional surface water collected by its SUDS systems adds extra water to the floodwater that already ran down Crabtree Lane in storms, reducing the available capacity in the remaining working culvert under the rail crossing.

Our Crabtree Lane resident has several pumps and an alarm system but it cannot always cope with the huge volume of floodwater. Network Rail won’t admit to the problems it has caused and fobs residents off as does WLBC.

Unfortunately, neither residents nor farmers are allowed dig into Network Rail’s embankment to clear the culverts; and residents have no choice but to accept the additional drainage from unwanted upstream developments in Burscough because WLBC, which needs the money from development, has a peculiar (probably unique) interpretation of national flooding guidance NPPF which, it insists, means it has to pass planning applications EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THEY CAUSE DOWNSTREAM FLOODING, because doing anything else would leave them open to a legal challenge from developers which could be very expensive for WLBC to defend in court!

Which matter most, the human rights of residents to be free of flooded homes, or developers’ rights to make profits for shareholders with the blind eye of the public water companies turned to the residents who fund the public water companies?

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