Back Local Track And Trace

Track And Trace Should Be Local

Today hundreds of people took part in 20 actions across the country from Margate to Newcastle! Within a week, they organised to demand that money goes to local public health protection teams for track and trace, not failing Serco.

It’s 5 days before Matt Hancock renews the contracts with Serco and Sitel. The government are trying to pretend they’ve listened, but the reality is that these companies are likely getting millions to continue doing more of the same. Email your council leader Ian Moran <

to tell him what’s happened over the past week. He can raise your concerns with Matt Hancock.

Much has been made of the government’s move to ‘strengthen regional contact tracing’ but it doesn’t hold up. The government are in fact:

• Still going to have remote callers make the first call and follow up locally only after not reaching them.
• Only redeploying a small number of national call handlers to local teams, and they could still be hundreds of miles away.
• Not giving local authorities any more funding to do tracing work, like the door knocking.

And renewing Serco and Sitel’s contracts lines them up for another £528 million potentially. That’s money that could be going to local teams who have been doing a much better job of reaching people. Seeing people take action today is awe inspiring, action groups including Unite members got press coverage from Leamington to Bristol.

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