Almost More Invasion By Authorised Flooding

Our flooded out Crabtree Lane Burscough resident suggests that his partially ruined home and belongings is now “last week’s news” and some people will have lost interest. But the flooding problem continues.

He writes “After several hard days of cleaning up, last night [16th August 2020], I couldn’t stay awake beyond 10.30pm and went to bed, I was sound asleep when my ’flood alarm’ went off again. I was completely disoriented, but got dressed and went to make sure that my pumps were working, which they were. Outside in the road, the gullies/grids were overflowing with water and no longer working. Further up the lane, there was part of the road covered with 3” of muddy water, all heading to my home.

“Fortunately, this time, the rain stopped in time, my pumps managed with the water that the “authorities” drainage system could not take, and the threat to my home receded. It was only when I came back inside I realised it was only 11.30pm. I was disoriented and not quite as panicked and anxious as last week, but never the less, it is a horrible feeling.

“The reason for publishing this, and sending this note to the press, is that this will continue. As far as the “authorities” are concerned, I am last week’s news, they have now ridden the storm of public concern so they can begin to forget about me again.

“This will happen again, and as reporters, hopefully the information I have given you helps your understanding of the situation and the likely outcomes. May I suggest, in your preparation for the next event, you get ahead of the game, you approach the matter forearmed with the information you need to challenge the “authorities” and politicians.

“Perhaps consider contacting your colleagues and associates in all the areas mentioned below, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, the Calder Valley and Ribble Valley, who were severely flooded in January and February this year, and enquire, now that it is no longer in the news, what positive action have any of the authorities or politicians facilitated? My best guess is that the many thousands of people affected have been forgotten and many are still not back in their homes. There is a story there I am sure”.

Of course there is a story. It’s one of neglect and disdain by “authorities” for what happens to some flooded out Burscough homeowners. This Burscough homeowner describes being “absolutely devastated by filthy, polluted  flood water”.  Yet his contact with local flood control officials is best illustrated by this cartoon! 

The story continues and will be published while here in West Lancashire we anticipate some justice for the “absolute devastation by filthy, polluted  flood water” in 2020 Burscough!

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