Helping PC Paddy “Wildlife Crime Update”

West Lancs Rural Watch – Update – “Hi folks just an update re todays flurry of poachers. With the much appreciated help of farmers and others with keen eyes and good sense I located a vehicle hidden away clearly involved in the poaching and containing items associated with running dogs on wild Hares.

“Two suspects returned to the vehicle a short time later and subsequently I have seized their vehicle from them and they will have their day in court for committing offences on us. I wish to reinforce the importance of keeping talking to us and telling us what is happening. I understand we are not perfect, we cannot be everywhere and we may have occasionally let some of you down.

“However, lets keep sharing information, working together and giving more poachers a right long walk home! Rural Crime Matters. All the very best, Paddy Stewart – PC 169 – RURAL AND WILDLIFE CRIME OFFICER”.

Nice one Paddy, more power to your truncheon!

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