Rosie Cooper MP Comments On Overnight Flooding In Burscough

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper commented “Yet again following an increase in rainfall residents of Burscough have had their homes flooded.

“All agencies responsible have had numerous warnings of the flood risk in this area and despite much correspondence back and forth, residents’ homes have just been left to flood yet again.

“I have again written to West Lancashire Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, United Utilities and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs asking what action they are now taking to support residents in draining and cleaning their homes, carrying out necessary repairs and ensuring their homes are protected against future flooding.

“I have also asked how they are urgently addressing the wider flooding problems we see in Burscough every time there is any increased level of rainfall while massive developments which add huge pressure on the already unsatisfactory drainage systems continue a pace. The Minister needs to step in and help sort this problem out as action and help is urgently needed now!

“The further threat of turning off local flood pumps is adding to residents’ stress, and I have written asking for a detailed up to date position”.

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