West Lancashire Borough Council Has A Vacancy

Has a vacancy for a Programme Delivery Manager. “Having recently undergone an organisational review, we are looking for an experienced, and highly motivated Programme Delivery Manager, who is skilled at leading a diverse team to deliver multiple projects within a programme management infrastructure that is outcome focused and delivers sustainable change for our residents.

“This is an exciting time to join West Lancashire Borough Council as we embark upon a new chapter.

Bearing in mind we residents don’t have a clue about the exciting and sustainable changes this organisational review suggests we need, we learn that “The successful candidate will have “Experience in managing a team of project managers, project support managers and project officers as they deliver key transformation projects that enhance the resident’s experience; Evidence of leading multiple complex projects successfully within a programme management structure; Experience of establishing appropriate governance arrangements and, mitigate risks and deliver change that is sustainable and evidenced based; and Experienced at working across the organisation and with partners to create an agile and evidenced led approach to project delivery”.

We don’t know who writes this guff, but we are in admiration of the style and presentation of the bullshit contained in the requirements of the post, which unsurprisingly offers a huge starting salary of £42,683. 

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