The Saga Of Sam, Absent Without Leave Of The Electorate

By now the story of how the WLBC Councillor for Aughton & Downholland Sam Currie gave notice of his impending departure and buggered off to live in London is well known. But coronavirus and a limp and useless local Tory leadership allowed him to stay in place and be paid allowances. He should have been given a red card!

So he “attends” virtual meetings. His history of verbally attacking Labour councillors, notably Nicola Pryce-Roberts, for working away is well known.

Currie often tweets about his new life in London. But a recent post brings up an issue of sheer hypocrisy. The Labour MP Dawn Butler was stopped by white police and wondered why. Cllr Currie replied as below.
“Sam Currie
last week I was stopped walking outside Willesden Green Co-op and spoken to by a black police officer. Should I have taken my phone out, made his job more difficult and accused him of racism? You are an embarrassment, Dawn Anyone want to trade their local MP?

Since Cllr Currie asks a question “Anyone want to trade their local MP?” we are waiting for Cllr Currie to ask the electorate of Aughton & Downholland “Anyone want to trade their local Councillor?”

Just give us the chance!

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