Bridge Over Troubled Waters. West Lancashire’s ‘Wet’ Version.

After the early morning floods today our intrepid resident of Crabtree Lane in Busrcough still had enough spirit to sit and provide us with his own version of Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.

In a LCC meeting in June 2018 It was “noted that United Utilities offered domestic support for people affected by floods. They also publicised information, advice and guidance on their website and mobile app to assist residents. The committee was informed that when investigating a reported flood, the council applied a triage process. If the flooding had been caused by a river the council relied on the Environment Agency to respond. If it was in relation to sewers then the council relied on United Utilities to respond.

“If there was too much water in an area that was not designed to take it, the council would work with the community and where a flood action group would be beneficial in bridging the communication gap. Members enquired about the efficiency of unblocking of culverts. It was reported that responsibility for cleaning the culverts depended on who owned the land where the culverts were. The Council’s powers were limited by the Land Drainage Act and the responsibility was with the landowners for maintaining and repairing 3 culverts. The council would need considerable evidence that there was a serious problem and flood was a real risk before it could intervene”.

That’s jobsworths for you!

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