The Moral Duty That Is Missing

Is Boris Johnson the last person who should talk about it being a moral duty to reopen schools? His moral code is hardly a lesson for anyone. Bestowing an un-deserved barony on his brother? Can anyone now have one for a brother?

Turning to the not so free TV licence fiasco, which Johnson, via his office, describes as the “wrong decision”, who is more despicable over this tawdry attack on elderly and disabled people, him or the BBC? Or is it both?

And shock horror, it seems that in Tory heartland seats there are signs of unrest. In 110 Tory seats at least 85% of over 75s households will pay up or be criminalised, something Boris Johnson said wouldn’t happen. Where IS the de-criminalisation Act? Means testing of the elderly for a broadcasting tax, recipients of the lowest state pension in Europe, is apparently to become policy. Yet it is the government that sets and controls the pension credit levels.

Now wait for the collective whinging of Tory MP,s and the collective joy of Labour MPs who couldn’t be bothered to set the over 75s policy in law when in power, but will play this for all it is worth.

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