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Shop “Artisan Market Style” Starting From 2 August 2020

An Artisan market is to be held on Moor Street Ormskirk on the first Sunday of each month from August to October to offer visitors an exciting range of foods, clothing, jewellery, homeware, crafts and gifts.

Where Burscough leads, Ormskirk follows

From Councillor David Evans, whose Cabinet responsibilities include the market “I am really pleased this has been organised. This market was very popular when it was held in Burscough and we are working hard to support our local towns and high streets with these initiatives.

“The Artisan market will be an additional market offer for Ormskirk and the surrounding area and attract increased footfall on Sundays. The regular market days of Thursday and Saturday, and the Artisan market on 2nd August, will ensure the town centre enjoys ten market days during August”.

The Artisan markets will take place on 2nd August, 6th September and 4th October, 11am to 4pm.

WLBC Recruiting Staff

Our current vacancies are listed below.

“Find out more about working for the Council by downloading our Recruitment Pack”

Planning Support Officer Closing Date: 05 August 2020 [Permanent]

Business Support Officer – Corporate Services Closing Date: 02 August 2020 [Permanent]

Business Support Apprentice Closing Date: 09 August 2020 [18 months]

Executive Support Officer Closing Date: 09 August 2020 [Permanent]

Business Support Officer Closing Date: 09 August 2020 [Permanent]

Know Exactly Where You Are In An Emergency With What3Words

“We are encouraging you to download this free app, to help us find you in an emergency”.

This week, Lancashire Police are taking part in #KnowExactlyWhere week with emergency services, local authorities and organisations around the UK to raise awareness about the free what3words app, and how it can be used to save precious time, resources and lives in an emergency.

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares. It has given each square a unique combination of three words – a what3words address.

///tortoises.swarm.announce, for example, will take you to a precise location on Ben Nevis where in February 2020 a group of hikers were rescued. The app is free to download for both iOS and Android and works entirely offline, making it ideal for use in areas of the UK with an unreliable data connection. what3words can also be used via the online map at The technology is available in over 40 languages, including Welsh, and can be used anywhere in the world.
‘Where’s the emergency?’ is one of the first questions you are asked when calling 999. But saying exactly where you are can be challenging. Emergencies can happen anywhere, from a remote beach in Scotland, to the side of the M1, to the middle of Hyde Park. Services often can’t detect where you are automatically and dropped pins are difficult to explain over the phone. Landmark-based descriptions are prone to errors and GPS coordinates are long and difficult to communicate. At best, this is a frustrating drain on resources. At worst, it can mean the difference between life and death.

“A 999 call could be one of the worst times of your life. Having to provide additional directions when you’re under immense stress and the clock is ticking is something that we want everyone to avoid. You never know when an emergency might happen, but with what3words, you’ll always be able to say exactly where help is needed, quickly and easily.” Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of what3words adds, “We’re extremely proud and humbled to see what3words being used successfully in control rooms up and down the country, and every what3words rescue that we hear about touches our team personally”.

A group of hiking friends wrote “We were lost in a field and had no idea where we were. It was absolutely horrendous. I was joking about it and trying to laugh because I knew if I didn’t laugh I would cry”. So they dialled 999 and as soon as they got through to emergency services, the call handler told them to download an app called what3words.

They had never heard of it. But within a minute of the app being downloaded, the police said they had the exact location of the stranded hikers and a rescue team was on its way to get them. The County Durham police department later tweeted that the group was safely found.

Beacon Park Golf Club Reviews & Information

Once in the top ten golf courses in the UK it is now “Ranked 2070 out of 2137. From 186 ratings & 98 reviews on Golfshake, its Average Rating is 3.11.

Reviewed Jul 19 2020 by Harry C – rated 2 out of 5 “Paid for 18 holes but only played 9 as the fairways were much too long and the greens were very poor. Even after hitting it down the middle of the fairway you would lose a ball. Reviewed Jul 14 2020 by Stuart K – rated 3 out of 5 “Great value for money at moment just long walk down to first tee”.

Reviewed Dec 31 2019 by John W – rated 1 out of 5-No comment. Reviewed May 29 2019 by Andy W – rated 2 out of 5 “The course lay out is very nice, cut through some lovely woodland with some nice views. However it needs a bit of maintenance, fairways are a bit long & the greens are slow. I must say the bunkers are excellent though. I wasn’t told before I booked that the 1st is closed, you start at the 2nd & the 18th has been made into a par 3 & a par 4. In fact the lad in the clubhouse was downright ignorant. A little bit of care & this would be a cracking little course”.

Reviewed May 15 2019 by Ian S – rated 2 out of 5. “Not the best! Hard to find your ball even in the fairways! Daisies and dandelions everywhere! Greens a bit bald! Ran true. Just needs a bit of TLC”. Reviewed May 12 2019 by James N – rated 3 out of 5 “Course ok. first cut too long and second cut was ridiculous. greens pretty good but pins were in tough positions”.

Back in 2018, members of the Beacon Park seniors section beat more fashionable clubs with better facilities and more resources to win the South West Lancs Seniors League by six points. Neighbouring clubs such as Hurlston Hall, Mossock Hall and Formby Hall fell by the wayside as the smaller but committed squad from the club came up trumps to take the title.

New members Barry Baker and Ken Clarke played alongside regulars Tommy Jackson, Billy Fitzpatrick, Mike Stokes, John Stanley and Paul Bretherton to form the nucleus of the winning team although vital contributions came from 27 senior members in total. Highlights of the season included an 11-3 away win at Mossock Hall and a 14-0 home win against Sutton Hall. Special mentions went to Bob Ratcliffe, Jack Sockett, Pat Higgins and Ceasar Marchesean, all of whom are close to 80 years of age but made valuable contributions.

They claimed to keep themselves fit in body and mind by playing regularly at Beacon Park, and how some of them feel about it now, 2020, is unprintable.

Ease Lockdown And Expect To Be Burgled

As lockdown eases in the UK, the Police and Home Office are expecting a rise in burglaries.

Neighbourhood Watch has partnered with the Home Office to campaign to help keep people safe and continue the great work NHW schemes do.

Expect to see the posters broadcast on social media, and look out for others. Life’s safer when you know your neighbours. With more people looking out for unusual behaviour on our streets, burglaries can be prevented.

Armed Forces Question In The Next Census

Rosie Cooper Pleased With Armed Forces Community Inclusion In The Next Census

For the first time in the history of the Census, there will be a question on service in the Armed Forces following a campaign led by The Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland and supported by West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper.

Rosie is delighted that the Government has recently announced the 2021 Census will now include a question to provide information on whether someone has served in HM Armed Forces.

The Royal British Legion, which led the campaign, is at the heart of a national network offering a range of support and services to the Armed Forces community. The decision to include the question on the 2021 census will provide the Legion, as well as public bodies, local authorities, and other military charities with valuable information to ensure they can best meet the needs of serving personnel, veterans and their families.

It has been estimated that there are 2.4 million veterans currently living in Great Britain who make up part of a wider ex-Service community which includes their spouses, partners, dependent children and widow(er)s. However, little is currently known about the exact numbers, location and needs of this significant group. Including an Armed Forces question in the next census would provide public bodies, local authorities, and charities with valuable information to ensure they are able to deliver the best services they can for our Armed Forces community.

Rosie commented “Having a better understanding of the profile and needs of veterans is a key part of making sure our public services are tailored for our armed forces community and supporting our ex-servicemen and women here in West Lancashire. I welcome this historic change to the 2021 Census to include a question on the Armed Forces and thank the Royal British Legion for their efforts.”
Charles Byrne, Director-General of The Royal British Legion, said “This is an extremely proud moment for the Legion. After leading a successful campaign, the fact that a military question will be in the 2021 Census will significantly improve our understanding of the Armed Forces community which up until now has been very limited. It will ensure that we, along with other charities and service providers, can deliver the best service possible to them when and where it is needed most.

“This is something we have been striving towards for many years, it will have a huge impact on service personnel, veterans and their families well into the future, as the outcome will allow us to provide more effective care and support to those who are in need. We are delighted and are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported the campaign and helped us to achieve this historical success”.

Constituents can find out more about the campaign by visiting the campaign website,, or by posting their own pledge of support on social media using the #CountThemIn hashtag. ‘Count Them In’ is part of The Royal British Legion’s ongoing campaign work to help champion the interests, welfare, and contributions of the Armed Forces Community.