Local Surgeries Prescribing Bikes

The Government is planning to subsidise electronic bicycles for pensioners and commuters as part of plans to massively increase cycling through a £2billion anti-obesity drive.

The e-bikes are like regular bikes but have a small motor usually hidden in the frame to aid travel uphill or on longer journeys. This example shown would cost circa £1,400.

Ministers hope the programme will help those who are less fit or older to get back in the saddle. They could be given up to a third off the £600 – £3,000 cost of a new machine to entice them to take more exercise or leave the car at home.

It comes as Mr Johnson, known as Fatboy Boris, and never known to turn down a pork pie, prepared to unveil a £2billion campaign to get fat Britain ‘on its bike’. Bicycles will be prescribed by doctors for patients and all Britons will be offered free training on how to ride.

Free repair vouchers worth £50 will be handed out and there will be a massive expansion of cycle lanes as part of a revolution unveiled today. Surgeries such as the Aughton Surgery, below, are preparing for the new policy.

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