Beacon Park Golf Club Reviews & Information

Once in the top ten golf courses in the UK it is now “Ranked 2070 out of 2137. From 186 ratings & 98 reviews on Golfshake, its Average Rating is 3.11.

Reviewed Jul 19 2020 by Harry C – rated 2 out of 5 “Paid for 18 holes but only played 9 as the fairways were much too long and the greens were very poor. Even after hitting it down the middle of the fairway you would lose a ball. Reviewed Jul 14 2020 by Stuart K – rated 3 out of 5 “Great value for money at moment just long walk down to first tee”.

Reviewed Dec 31 2019 by John W – rated 1 out of 5-No comment. Reviewed May 29 2019 by Andy W – rated 2 out of 5 “The course lay out is very nice, cut through some lovely woodland with some nice views. However it needs a bit of maintenance, fairways are a bit long & the greens are slow. I must say the bunkers are excellent though. I wasn’t told before I booked that the 1st is closed, you start at the 2nd & the 18th has been made into a par 3 & a par 4. In fact the lad in the clubhouse was downright ignorant. A little bit of care & this would be a cracking little course”.

Reviewed May 15 2019 by Ian S – rated 2 out of 5. “Not the best! Hard to find your ball even in the fairways! Daisies and dandelions everywhere! Greens a bit bald! Ran true. Just needs a bit of TLC”. Reviewed May 12 2019 by James N – rated 3 out of 5 “Course ok. first cut too long and second cut was ridiculous. greens pretty good but pins were in tough positions”.

Back in 2018, members of the Beacon Park seniors section beat more fashionable clubs with better facilities and more resources to win the South West Lancs Seniors League by six points. Neighbouring clubs such as Hurlston Hall, Mossock Hall and Formby Hall fell by the wayside as the smaller but committed squad from the club came up trumps to take the title.

New members Barry Baker and Ken Clarke played alongside regulars Tommy Jackson, Billy Fitzpatrick, Mike Stokes, John Stanley and Paul Bretherton to form the nucleus of the winning team although vital contributions came from 27 senior members in total. Highlights of the season included an 11-3 away win at Mossock Hall and a 14-0 home win against Sutton Hall. Special mentions went to Bob Ratcliffe, Jack Sockett, Pat Higgins and Ceasar Marchesean, all of whom are close to 80 years of age but made valuable contributions.

They claimed to keep themselves fit in body and mind by playing regularly at Beacon Park, and how some of them feel about it now, 2020, is unprintable.

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