Making Sense Of Tiresome Political Decisions

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has a new video podcast TPA Talks that continues to go from strength to strength. This week the guest was political colossus, journalist and passionate taxpayer champion Dan Hannan. “We discussed everything from the BBC licence fee to what political parties can do to win the confidence of taxpayers at the next general election.

“On the current economic situation Mr Hannan praised the TaxPayers’ Alliance for challenging the narrative that only government can create and maintain jobs as a long term solution. In attempting to do so, more money is sucked out of the productive sectors of the economy.

He eloquently stated the case, “For every job government creates, it ends up destroying more. Every pound spent by government, is a pound that could have been spent more wisely by private individuals”. Hear! Hear!
In the light of the appalling decision by the BBC to stop free TV licences for millions of over-75s, TPA asked Dan about the future of the hated TV tax. He was adamant that it must go. “Nobody would suggest this model if we were inventing it today. It might have made sense when there was only one broadcaster for the entire country. But it has become “utterly indefensible” in the modern age of on-demand digital content”.

He went further, asserting that the licence fee has probably been “redundant” ever since rival TV companies came on the scene. We couldn’t agree more and that’s exactly why we launched our Axe the Tax campaign.

The BBC management is rotten to the core. High pay for “talent”, paid for by some pensioners and now to be paid for by ALL pensioners. It’s simply not worth the fee. A payment “strike” of a few million pensioners would wake them up! 


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