It’s Raining And Gullies Are Blocking

When LCC Lead Flood Authority, WLBC and United Utilities sat down to discuss who should take the blame for allowing the Jacobs’ debacle be published without checking it for truth, accuracy and competence, they sank into the Burscough oft seen raw sewage.

From LCC “Blocked gullies. We are currently dealing with a high number of blocked gully reports. We have extra teams working on this, however, we are prioritising urgent cases where there is a flood risk to property or flooding across the carriageway. If you have reported a blocked gully please bear with us and we will get to it as soon as we can.

“We maintain over 300,000 roadside drains, also known as gullies, on the roads. As there are so many, we can’t service them all regularly. Very often when we respond to a call out for a blocked drain on the road, we find that the grate is just covered by wet leaves or grass, which act like a plug and stops the water flowing down it freely.

“If you notice that a gully on your street has become blocked by leaves which can be easily brushed away, without putting yourself or others at risk, brush the blockage to one side. Gather up the leaves and dispose of them in the same way you would dispose of leaves from your household gutters and drains. Clearing the leaves regularly makes sure the water can flow freely into the drain next time we get heavy rain”.

But it’s not leaves, it’s plants growing in the gullies plugging the gully grates that are evidence of simple ongoing neglect by LCC.

From LCC “If it rains a lot almost anywhere can flood” an observation for which we are truly thankful!

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