A Marriage Of Convenience, Or Greed?

21st September 2004, Ian Phelps, for and on behalf of Serco Ltd, wrote his “Dear John” letter to John Nelson, then WLBC Acting Leisure Services Manager, confirming how critical it was for “Authority to Proceed“ with the nuptials and payment to Serco of a dowry, or contingency sum, of up to £610,000, to be approved within the Capital Programme to cover the potential costs of reimbursing Serco for improvement works to leisure facilities.

In the name of the then relevant portfolio holder, Cllr D Westley, “this matter is one where urgent action is required without delay!”

And one of the conditions of Serco’s tender was that whenever improvement and enhancement works are carried out, the “Council will reimburse Serco for lost income”. All of this just for three leisure centres and two swimming pools.

Moving on to 2020, imagine this now applying to the Beacon Park Golf Course, now leased to Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, that we taxpayers might be paying Serco for self-inflicted losses of income due to the shameful landfill/royalty scandal caused by, err, Serco mis-management of it!

As these weekend pictures below show, the the course remains a disgrace. 


Would you trust Serco to host your wedding reception in the currently closed down Beacon Park Golf Course facility?

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