How The UK Is Subsidising The EU’s Wine Lake

Not long before we are free of the EU. But meanwhile a £10 billion subsidy to Italian, French, and Spanish winemakers is set to increase. The EU has announced plans to pour even more taxpayer money into wine.

As Facts4EU reports, on Tuesday in Brussels, the EU Commission announced that it has adopted a package of “exceptional measures” to support the EU’s wine sector more than it already does.

These new measures include the temporary authorisation for operators to self-organise market measures – in essence this means the scrapping of many competition laws this year. It also means an increase of the European Union’s contribution for wine national support programmes, and the introduction of advance payments for distillation and storage.

Remember the EU wine lake? • The EU27’s wine industry is one of many which has benefited from UK taxpayer funding • In the last 10 years €11.16 billion (over £10bn) has been spent by the EU on this • The biggest beneficiaries of the EU’s largesse with other people’s money are Italy, France, and Spain • In the last six years the United Kingdom has received nothing at all from the EU for the UK’s wine industry.

What is the EU planning now? The EU’s new plans for the wine industry include: Suspending competition rules: producers can self-organise and implement market measures at their level; Increase of the EU’s contribution: to reach 70%; Advanced payments for crisis distillation and storage: these can now cover up to 100% of costs.

So who is in charge of the EU’s wine cellar? The unelected Eurocrat responsible for this area of the EU’s business is Polish Janusz Wojciechowski. He has the title of ‘Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner’.

He has never worked in agriculture, nor in the food industry, nor in the drinks industry. In fact he has never worked in any commercial business of any kind. Yet he is the EU Commissioner for Agriculture. Before his appointment by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen he spent three years as a lawyer working for the EU Court of Auditors.

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