Ditch The BBC Licence Fee, Over 75s?

Streaming is better, and cheaper, apparently.

After a two-month delay the appalling over manned, overpaid so-called “talented” BBC is to proceed with its contentious plan to end free TV licences for most over 75s. With an ageing population, the BBC claims the decision could save it £1bn per year.

The news means that more than 3m UK households will be asked to start paying the £157.50 fee from August 1. Only those who receive the Pension Credit benefit will be exempt. The BBC claims the new scheme was “the fairest decision” but the government maintains it was “the wrong call”, while Age UK called it “a kick in the teeth” after 20 years of free licences.

Pensioners ask, do we need the BBC anyway? The subject of the licence fee has become increasingly politicised in recent years. It’ argued that the BBC radio output and local coverage is unparalleled, but can we over 75s cope without a TV licence? Is there enough quality viewing for over 75s to be found elsewhere? 

Pensioners should refuse to pay until the BBC cuts its over-manned bloated service. De-criminalisation of non payment removes the threat of Crapita knocking on our doors.  TV Licensing staff are employed by private firm Capita on the BBC’s behalf. Although they are described as “enforcement officers”, they do not possess any official powers of arrest and cannot enter homes or search property without permission.

Every Capita TV license employee, often referred to as “gestapo goons” should deliver impartial and equally fair treatment.  No pensioner should open the door to them. The BBC effectively operates an extortion racket targeted at every household in the UK. Their method of operation is very simple but has worked successfully in the UK for over 60 years. They rely solely on the inducement of fear. No more!


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