Over 75s Screwed By BBC And Government For TV Licence Scam

Are you over 75? How do you feel about being screwed by the BBC and the Government?

While £billions are bandied around ad lib, and not a hope in hell of them being repaid, this government is ignoring the intent of the bloated BBC to hit over 75s with the tax to pay overpaid “talent” in what is a scam.

AgeUK writes “I’m really shocked to say the BBC have announced they will go ahead with their plans to make people over 75 who aren’t on Pension Credit pay for their TV licences from 1st August.
“I’m bitterly disappointed that they’ve decided to go ahead with this in the midst of the difficulties Covid-19 has brought us. I can imagine you are too. The last thing older people need to be worrying about is how to scrape together the money to pay for their licence or lose their TV altogether. You’ve told us you rely on your TV now more than ever.

“We won’t stop fighting to save free TV licences. Together over 630,000 of us signed our petition, wrote in our thousands to the Prime Minister and kept this issue in the headlines for well over a year.

“We believe the Government should never have handed this welfare payment to the BBC in the first place and it’s time for the Government to step in and work with the BBC to save it.

“The BBC have said no one will be expected to pay for a new licence until they have been contacted by a letter from TV Licensing and either claimed a free licence or agreed a payment plan. We will let you know when the BBC send out their official letters and tell you what they look like. For now, if you are over 75 please ignore any emails or letters you receive asking you to pay your TV licence as they may be a scam”.

Not may be, they ARE a scam! How else can you describe the so-called right of the BBC to insist on this “age” tax so as to pay salaries up to £2million for a football catch-up?


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