Burscough’s Biggest Ever Application For Houses

Will be considered by WLBC planning committee on Thursday the 9th of July. They should have in front of them the photo of the Higgins and Crabtree Lane crossroad, but they probably won’t.

They should be aware that when the Burscough Flooding Group (BFG) last met with United Utilities (UU) and suggested they fix it, in case it led to a train derailment in winter, UU argued that the water wasn’t all theirs!

Does that futile response mean UU can disregard flooding by saying “Prove it’s ours”. It’s infantile. But that’s UU.

Members must declare the existence of any party whip, and the nature of it. The question of it is futile too, because nobody will admit to being whipped. This is the usual farce enacted at these meetings.

APPLICATION NO. 2019/1182/ARM LOCATION Site Of Former Yew Tree Farm Liverpool Road South Burscough Lancashire. This is a Reserved Matters application for the erection of 267 dwellings. Outline planning permission has previously been granted for residential development on this site, therefore the principle is considered to be acceptable. I consider the layout, scale, proportions and design of the proposed dwellings to be acceptable and the scheme would not adversely impact on neighbouring amenity of surrounding properties. I am also satisfied that the scheme will not have a significant impact on highway safety and adequate parking will be provided. I consider that sufficient interface distances have been achieved in order to protect neighbouring residential amenity. The requisite level of affordable housing has been provided on this phase and drainage proposals are in accordance with the overall strategy for the wider site. In my view the proposal complies with the relevant policies in the NPPF, the Local Plan, the Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan and the Yew Tree Farm Masterplan. RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE with conditions

CONSULTEE RESPONSES 6.1 United Utilities (25/03/2020 and 09/03/2020) – no objection subject to condition. 6.2 Lead Local Flood Authority (11/05/2020, 07/05/2020, 10/02/2020 and 18/06/2020) – no objection. 6.3 LCC Highways (16/04/2020 and 06/04/2020) – no objection. 6.4 Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service (MEAS) (27/02/2020 and 17/01/2020) – no objection.

Burscough Town Council has objected to the application on the basis of the following: The Jacobs Report was received at County Council in November 2019 followed shortly by this application in December 2019. This proposal is possibly the largest housing development in Burscough and the information contained in the report is vital for consideration of this application. Crabtree Lane has been subjected to a further 3 maybe 4 flooding events since the 2015 event, this being well documented. ln the July 2019 floods in that area possible evidence has arisen of surface water from YTF being a contributory factor. Both the NPPF and the recently adopted Burscough Neighbourhood Plan policies say that development should not add to existing problems. There is a big question mark with regard to Crabtree Lane.

After this development is passed, smug council members will look on the vast ongoing income from council tax as a price worth paying. How many of them live with raw sewage entering their homes in the dead of night?

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