The Pompous Absent Tory Councillor

Invisible to the Aughton & Downholland electorate

Cllr Currie tweeted “The chair of scrutiny at #westlancs is from the controlling Labour group This evening at full council I proposed a member of the Conservative opposition and obviously it was soundly rejected by the Labour group who much prefer marking their own homework Scared of real scrutiny?

Twitter Response “What a novel concept having a full council meeting!

Cllr Currie “Waiting 3 minutes for people to unmute only to shout “abstain” was quite the highlight…”

Twitter Response “We aren’t permitted to have such a meeting at all (although smaller meetings are taking place.)”

Cllr Currie “Why? Not even over Skype? That’s where I was. Keen as mustard with my shirt on for the camera, shorts on for the weather and a non alcoholic beer in a mug to avoid questions”.

Twitter Response “Good question!”

Cllr Currie “You should ask it at full coun….oh yeah.”

Twitter Response “Exactly the same on Sefton Sam. The controlling Labour party even chairs Audit and Governance – how on earth does that work !!”.

Cllr Currie “Yep. Same. Notice how it’s always someone who wants a spot on the cabinet as well so not exactly the most forthcoming in scrutiny”.

Twitter Response “Sounds about right”.

So where was Cllr Currie? We found him hiding in plain sight, as Liverpool fans celebrated, look bottom left on the picture Who would have thought it!

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