Mayor Terence Will See You Now

From West Lancashire Borough Council “We would like to warmly welcome Councillor Terence Aldridge [AKA Yank!] as the new Mayor of West Lancashire.

“Terence has been Deputy Mayor of West Lancashire since May 2019 and has served the community of Moorside as a member of West Lancashire Council since 1992. He is also a County Councillor for Skelmersdale Central.

“As we reflect on how our communities have pulled together during the coronavirus, Terence said “The people of West Lancashire have been a fantastic support for each other throughout the pandemic. My aim as Mayor is to strengthen this unity as we continue to support the vulnerable and the elderly in our communities”.

“To do this the Mayor will be fund raising to support Skelmersdale Veterans Association, the Liberty Centre, the Evermoor Hub, the Birchwood Centre and Skelmersdale Junior Football League. The new Mayoress will be Maureen Ball.

“The new Deputy Mayor is Councillor Maureen Nixon with Laughton Wilkinson as her Consort”.

A county councillor since 2005, Terence has also been on West Lancashire Borough Council since 1990, representing the Moorside ward. Born in Liverpool, he lived there until his twenties. He moved to Skelmersdale when it was still being developed as a New Town and describes himself as one of the “founder members”.

During his working life Terence spent many years in the construction industry, working in a number of roles. Terence said “I’m a proud Liverpudlian and also proud to represent Lancashire as Chairman. It’s a big honour to be chosen for this role. I’ve been the Older People’s Champion for both West Lancashire and the county. It made me proud to get out and about to meet people across the county, listen to the things that concern them, and see how we can help”.



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