Seeking Out Serco

Serco offended by names?

To be kind to them, Serco has a problematic reputation [It stinks!]. In recent queries about how much WLBC pays Serco Leisure from our hard earned council taxes we enquired about payments over £500 made to West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd, Serco Leisure Operating Limited, and Serco West Lancs Community Leisure Ltd, many of which were huge amounts.

We were informed that “In response to your request for legal clarity on the differences between Serco West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd and West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd, Serco West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd is not a valid company and should be referred to as West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust. The payments to Serco Leisure Operating Limited relates to the repairs and maintenance of the Council’s owned public leisure facilities which include the Golf Course”.

As I responded “It did seem strange to me that WLBC was paying large sums of public money to an invalid company” with reason knowing of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalties scandal.

But it seems there is a concerted effort to embroil Serco into some legal name challenges, as on 24 August 2018 Certification of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company, Number 11536339 Serco Investments Limited.

17 December 2018 Certificate of Incorporation On Change of Name, Number 11536339, Serco Investments Limited changed its name to Serko Investments Limited.

7 February 2019 Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name , Number 11536339, Serko Investments Limited changed its name to Sertco Investments Limited.

18 July 2019 Certificate of Incorporation On Change of Name, Number 11536339, Sertco Investments Ltd changed its name to Sertico Investments Limited. Shareholders Croft Shareholders Limited and Peel Shareholders Limited.

21 October 2019 At the Company Names Tribunal.

“Notice of Change of Company Name Number 11536339 Sertico Investments Limited, Application made by Serco Group plc, has changed its name to 11536339 Limited. Re Companies Act 2006.

“Notice of change of company name in the matter of company registration no 11536339 In the name SERTICO INVESTMENTS LIMITED and the application made to the Company Names Tribunal by SERCO GROUP PLC.

“On 11 November 2019 the company names adjudicator issued a preliminary view that the respondent’s new company name, SERTICO INVESTMENTS LIMITED is still an offending name. The parties were given the opportunity to provide written submissions on the matter: and were notified that if no submissions were received preliminary view would be confirmed and an order to change the company name will be issued. No submissions have been received and the preliminary view is now confirmed.

“In the absence of any application by SERTICO INVESTMENTS LIMITED to change the registered company name, the adjudicator hereby gives notice under sections 73(4) and (5) of the Companies Act 2006 that the company name of SERTICO INVESTMENTS LIMITED is changed to 11536339 LIMITED. This change is to take effect upon the issue of the new certificate of incorporation showing the change of name, in accordance with section 73(6) of the Companies Act 2006”.
Dated 10th March 2020
Elaine Jones
For the Company Names Tribunal

After which, 11 June 2020 Company 11536339 Limited by Special Resolution has changed its name to Sertex Investments Limited! Seems like this is a serial attack and is taking Serco Group plc for a ride!

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