Ormskirk Pagoda To Be Demolished At 24 Hour Notice

The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012. WEST LANCASHIRE BOROUGH COUNCIL KEY DECISION FORWARD PLAN CONSTITUTION 6, RULE 16 (SPECIAL URGENCY)

I hereby give notice that, in accordance with the above Regulations and Constitutional Rules the following matter is to be considered at the meeting of Cabinet scheduled to take place as a Skype Meeting on 9 June 2020. “USE OF CAPITAL FUNDING FOR PUBLIC REALM IMPROVEMENTS [Pagoda Demolition is hardly an improvement] AT WHEATSHEAF WALK”

The matter is likely to be the subject of a key decision, which has not been included on the Forward Plan and the general exception procedure set out at rule 15 of the Constitution cannot be followed. In accordance with rule 16 of the Constitution the Leader has obtained the agreement of the Chairman of the Executive Overview and Scrutiny Committee and this notice setting out the reasons that the decision cannot reasonably be deferred is being made available on the Council’s website and at the offices of the Council.

The reason that the decision is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred is to enable works to be carried out quickly and with minimal disruption so that appropriate social distancing measures can be supported in Wheatsheaf Walk and Burscough Street and businesses can be supported as they seek to re-open as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Dated: 8 June 2020. Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey. Chief Operating Officer

“To seek confirmation of the use of capital funding for urgent public realm improvements at Wheatsheaf Walk, to include the removal of the pagoda and planters to create a more open and functional space to aid social distancing and the re-opening of businesses during the current COVID-19 outbreak”.

To quote OWL “Pagoda inhibits social distancing? We’ve been told that removal of the pagoda on Burscough St. has been added as an ‘urgent item’ to the Cabinet meeting to be held this evening, 9th June. It has been decided this will aid with ‘social distancing’…

“We’re most disappointed at the way this has been handled. Packs were sent out to councillors a week ago, but we were only informed of this additional ‘urgent item’ by telephone, late on Monday (8th June) afternoon. There is no information about costs. We’ve been given access to the documents less than 24 hours before the decision is made, and we understand there is no provision for residents to speak about an ‘urgent item’.

“It feels very much like a decision being pushed through without any scrutiny, and that is not the way to run a Borough Council”.

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