Calling All Flood Victims In Burscough

Calling all Flood Victims in Burscough, it is Urgent that you Contact
the Borough Planning Committee:

Councillor Gareth Dowling (Chairman); Councillor Andrew Pritchard (Vice-Chair); Councillor Iain Ashcroft; Councillor Mrs Pam Baybutt; Councillor Alexander Blundell; Councillor Carl Barry Coughlan; Councillor Vickie Cummins; Councillor Noel Delaney; Councillor Cynthia Dereli; Councillor Terry Devine; Councillor David Evans; Councillor Susan Anne Evans; Councillor Julian Antoni Finch; Councillor David O’Toole; Councillor Edward Pope; Councillor Jane Thompson; Councillor Mrs Marilyn Westley; Councillor Mrs Joan Witter

Find councillors contact details here:

“The largest single application for houses in Burscough 2019/1182/ARM is due to go before the planning committee in June and WLBC has recommended that it go ahead.

“Burscough Flooding Group has made several requests to the Chief Operating Officer and to the Council Leader to investigate anomalies within the planning process, including the methods whereby the decisions about drainage are deferred and effectively decided in secret by vested interests. Each time we have been fobbed off. At no point has WLBC demonstrated any care for flood victims.

“Recently we contacted every Borough Councillor on Planning, asking them to engage with us over the same issues and NOT ONE councillor contacted us.

“We know that all councillors on planning are supposed to ensure that sufficient drainage infrastructure is in place BEFORE passing applications. We believe they aren’t always doing that in Burscough, because drainage is passed in secret outside of the Planning Committee.

“It is well known that planning applications for large sites in Burscough typically follow the same pattern. Nearly every Councillor votes for it, with a few Councillors making token gestures by abstaining and not a single Councillor objects, because of Burscough’s lack of sewer network capacity – which is the root cause of our problems here. Write and telephone your Councillor and ask them what they are and ARE NOT doing to alleviate flooding in Burscough and solve your problems”.

Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group

Last Planning Committee meeting “DECLARATIONS OF PARTY WHIP “Party Whips are not to be used by this Committee in respect of its functions concerning the determination of applications, approval of consents, the taking of enforcement action and the exercise of powers and duties with regard to highways, hedgerows, the preservation of trees and high hedge complaints. When considering any other matter which relates to a decision of the Cabinet or the performance of any member of the Cabinet, in accordance with Regulatory Committee Procedure 9, Members must declare the existence of any party whip, and the nature of it.

Minutes: There were no Declarations of Party Whip. And if you believe that you might believe in fairies in your garden!

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