Lucky Escape From Crash

A driver had a lucky escape after smashing his car while trying to outdrive police. The officers had attempted to stop the vehicle in Ormskirk for suspected document offences when it sped off.

Just 11 seconds later police found the car crashed on Dark Lane. The bonnet was ripped off and debris strewn across the road.

Lancashire Constabulary Inspector Andy Willis stated “The collision involved one vehicle. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but it made off. Eleven seconds later it crashed. It was going too fast for the conditions”.

No injuries were reported and the driver, a local male, will be reported for motoring and document offences. 

Meanwhile, our Aughton Parish Council being moribund, we can report that 107 crimes were reported in April 2020. Crime is up 114% compared to this time last year There were 50 crimes reported in April 2019.

Anti-social behaviour + 56.07% (60); Violence and sexual offences + 22.43% (24); Burglary + 6.54% (7); Criminal damage and arson + 3.74% (4); Possession of weapons + 2.8% (3); Shoplifting + 1.87% (2); Vehicle crime + 1.87% (2); Robbery + 0.93% (1); Other theft + 0.93% (1); Other crime + 0.93% (1); Drugs + 0.93% (1); Public order + 0.93% (1)

2 thoughts on “Lucky Escape From Crash

  1. westlancashirerecord Post author

    No, sadly we don’t. We know he can see Wembley Stadium from his balcony. But his local Tory Party website still insists he lives in Haskayne. Edited by a Cllr Westley. Must be true then!


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