A Letter From Rupert (Soames OBE) That Is

In response to letters of complaint from members to Rupert Soames about the state of the Beacon Park course,

Rupert has apparently responded, below

“I have been pondering how to respond appropriately to your habit of deluging us, and your MP, with letters, thinking that we should be scurrying around dealing with matters as diverse as dog fouling, teeing off times and green watering. It is my practice to respond promptly and courteously to all correspondence addressed to me, but there is a line beyond which the sheer unreasonableness and lack of proportion of your expectations about what I and your MP should be dealing with on your behalf means that I no longer feel under any obligation to reply.

“Collectively, and in several cases individually, you crossed that line some time ago, and I am instructing my colleagues not to respond to any of your individual letters, some of which have been downright rude and abusive, making baseless and probably libellous accusations. We have had enough. It seems not to have crossed your minds that as a CEO responsible for employing some 60,000 people delivering critical public services, I am not going to deal with the state of your greens. And as a taxpayer and citizen, I am shocked by your sense of entitlement that your MP and her office should have to spend hours dealing with your teeing off times. That is not what you as constituents have a right to expect.

“So that issues can be addressed in the appropriate way, Mark will reply to one letter from the Club, per month, provided that letter is no more than two sides of A4 pages long font size 14. For my part, I will not enter into any more correspondence with matters pertaining to the club. I have had enough, so please do not include me in any further correspondence, as it will go straight in the bin. Rather I will rely on my colleagues to keep me informed if anything material transpires”.


Rupert Soames OBE
Chief Executive
Serco Group plc

Beacon Park Golf Club Members pay to play golf which is hardly exceeding expectations of those who should provide it, or have we expected too much of this WLBC owned municipal golf course turned into a landfill site producing royalties to everyone but tax payers and citizens?

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