The Ruination Of Beacon Park Golf Course Continues

We show the pictorial evidence today of the continual ruination of the Serco operated Beacon Park Golf Course, in the politically troubled ward of Ashurst where one elected member was absent for almost six months. 

We can only wonder why trees are being destroyed, shown below near the Elmers Green Lane entrance to the car park. Are these trees protected by law, requiring planning permission for removal? Who will profit from the sale of the timber?

The course, including this un-watered “green” below remains dry, recent rain having had no effect on the arid conditions.

And the appalling unsightly contractors’ storage area, the course restoration now years behind schedule. 

How long will this rape of the Beacon Park Golf Course continue? The WLBC has been under new officer management since January. Where have they been? Council management have historically taken advantage of photo shoots of housing developments. But the invisibility of the Chief Operating Officer/senior staff including the Head of Leisure and Wellbeing seemingly unwilling to be seen at the Beacon Park Golf Course is stark!

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