Who Would Receive Your Vote?

As we’ve mentioned the Ashurst ward and the local resident James Upjohn

who would be an independent candidate there, we were interested in what service he would provide to electors.

He did some research into the provision of litter bins, stating that “Skelmersdale Is Falling Way Behind Other Parts Of The Borough With Litter Bins!” stating “It’s no wonder the place looks considerably worse than other areas of the Borough!

“Take a look at this information received from WLBC after a Freedom of Information request was submitted enquiring about the number of bins in Parbold, Burscough, Ormskirk & Skelmersdale…

“Parbold has over SEVEN TIMES as many bins per population as Skelmersdale, Burscough almost THREE TIMES the number and Ormskirk TWICE as many! Skelmersdale deserves MUCH better!”

Now contrast that with the missing in London Aughton & Downholland Tory Cllr Currie, tweeting “Treated myself to some amazing chocolates. They’re made by a mate of mine who I was on HMS Diamond with nearly 10(!!) years ago. He is an award winning Royal Navy chef and all round good egg. Get on Facebook, type in “inspiration_of_chocolate” and order some!”. The longer Cllr Currie stays in London the worse it becomes for any local Tory to claim the party is serving the taxpayers of the borough. You wouldn’t seriously waste any vote in this borough on any Tory-Westley led party would you?

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