Senior Golfers Facing Discrimination At The Beacon Park Golf Course?

You’d think that the wise words of Rupert Soames, the Chief Executive of Serco Group plc

on 24th April 2020 when he wrote about the Beacon Park Golf Course that “Suspended membership payments leaving us with no income …is a financial and operational disaster” would mean any income from people playing golf again would be welcomed?

So it comes as a surprise that a deliberate decision is to stop the most loyal members from arranging competition block bookings this coming weekend. Two Senior players would go out and maintain social distancing and other Senior pairs would follow at set times. It’s standard procedure. Block booking keeps the competition orderly.

Unfortunately it seems that the Serco Leisure Area Manager has refused the request of the Seniors for the block bookings they sought, apparently on grounds of them not now having enough members. Readers might think Rupert Soames would be rejoicing that groups of golfers are willing to pay to play on the ruinous burned out golf course, rather than to be paid to play on it!

It seems to some Seniors this ruling is discriminatory and probably unlawful. Equality must surely apply to these elderly golfers, by virtue alone of the “Seniors” title their club is known by, and it is known how long the BPGC has by custom and practice allowed for block bookings? Certainly long before Serco Leisure were tragically awarded the BPGC lease?

WLBC should review the facts of this unseemly decision, particularly what the WLBC legal view is of the imposition that Serco Leisure has informed Senior players of? It seems to be a matter of some urgency for the coming weekend.

Meanwhile, golfers will be amused by the latest  “Doing a Dominic” as a golfing term, as shown below.

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